Hot Oiler

Stryker Energy Services is proud to offer 3 Hot Oiler Trucks to our lineup. Call 780 830 9923 to book one of our units today!



Hydro Vac

Stryker Energy has 2 Hydro-Vacs available! Talk to our team today for a free quote.


Pup Tanks

Pup Tank

Stryker Energy Services is proud to offer an additional pup tank to our offering. This tank is capable of hauling an additional 14 cubic meters, making it the ideal addition to any job.


H2S Scrubbers

10,000 Lb Scrubber

At Stryker Energy we offer top of the line H2S scrubbing units for rental. We offer a wide selection of sizes carrying a variety of 10,000, 6000, 3000, 2000, and 1000 lbs. scrubbing units.